5 Types of Retro Tourism

by HoTWire 6. September 2010 09:15

A while ago we suggested that 'retro' tourism would become a bigger thing within our community, this doesn't mean visiting holiday destinations of your youth, no, we mean going to visit places with the specific desire to check out the local cars and their local scene.  Given that autumn is on its way in the and soon thoughts will be turned to next year’s holidays we thought we'd arm you with some ways you can turn your holiday into some retro tourism.

The Big Event
This is really the obvious one, how many times do you see pictures from Worthersee, Yokohama Hot Rod Show, Essen Classic Motorshow, Classic Le Mans, Pomona swapmeet, in fact any one of a host of worldwide events and think to yourself 'I wish I was there.'  Well you can be, it is easy to book flights and find hotels, or camp.  It is even better to get a bunch of friends together and go.  If you pick your destination carefully you can tie in a nice family holiday too, Mallorca Classic Rally or any one of a hundred events in California can mean some retro time for you and a cool holiday for the rest of the family.

Organised Destination Rally

There are many organised events through the year that take in various destinations in Europe, from the likes of Classic Ford magazine through to the Bentley owners club, everyone is at it. This is a great way to spend some time with your car and meet some new friends whilst having a bit of an adventure in a well planned route, without the pressure of having to book everything yourself.

Drive Somewhere Anywhere
Alternatively to the above, head out somewhere, anywhere in your car.  Pick a destination, say Monaco for example, grab a ferry (or if you are lucky enough to be on mainland Europe already go out your front door) and drive.  Pack a tent, maybe book a hotel or two for the trip down, but just let the road take you where it will, your car will be fine, it is what it is designed to do!  Maybe you wont end up in Monaco, but wherever you end up enjoy the journey.

Small Local Event

As an event organiser there is nothing more pleasurable than to see a foreign car turn up at your event, someone has taken the time and effort to come to your show and will be bringing something that you are sure most people won’t have seen at another show that year.  This is also a great way to get under the skin of a local scene, here you are not seeing the best of the best of the country but a nice selection of local heroes.  Finding these events is a little trickier than spotting the big events, but if you look in the events sections of forums in your country of choice you can usually pick out an event or two.


Don't go out your own borders!!  Given the cost of air travel and the price of petrol maybe it is more financially prudent for you to stay in your country of origin.  In which case make a beeline for events at the opposite end of the country to you, big or small, go and see some people and cars you are unlikely to see at other shows, make some new friends, come home and bring back a bit of their local flavour to your area.

Really all these ideas are about getting outside of your local box, finding new friends and spreading that fact that what we do is worldwide, so get out there and see it all ... make sure you bring back photos and tell your friends.

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