Chris Hay and Dave Rothwell Husky For Sale

by HoTWire 5. May 2009 05:00

We're not really ones for posting single links to ebay sales, so we'll attempt to expand on this one a little, so you can understand how cool this sale is and maybe some rich benefactor may decide to look kindly upon us and buy it as a present!

Above is a photo as it is now, however the first incarnation of this awesome Hillman Husky to hit print was in November 1988, built by Chris Hay as an everyday street rod works van for his plumbing business, pulled along quite happily by a 2 litre Alfa twin cam lump.  It is pure unadulterated cool already, smooth body, subtle custom mods, great paint and detailing as well as a bit of a power hike!  You can see the Street Machine article on the Beardmore Brothers Website here.

This wasn't the end of the story for this particular Husky though.  It dissappeared for a while when it was bought by one Dave Rothwell, a man of considerable talent within the UK hot rodding and custom scene.  This Husky can be seen in the background of a photoshoot from Custom Car in 1995, but it wasn't until 2000 that it got a feature of its own.  Dave Rothwell is a credit to this hobby, a man with talent and a consummate attention to detail.  He also isn't a man who has a rules book it would appear.  Once it broke cover again the car featured a turbo charged Cosworth engine, new paint, new interior, new wheels and a few other subtle exterior mods, like indicators, as well as sprucing up of the breaks and running gear.  The full Custom Car feature can also be found on the Beardmore Brothers Website.

Not only is this car a reflection of the quality of retro cars in the UK scene, but it has also served as an inspiration to many current car builders, and hopefully future car builders, an exercise in suitable mods performed very well from the first incarnation to its current state.

So if you fancy buying it, check out the ebay advert.  If you do buy it, please feel free to drop us an email,.. or the keys.

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05/05/2009 06:21:11 #


Great stuff, although I have some amendments! The Husky appeared in SM before the Nov '88 issue in a previous guise (in Oct '83 according to the text of the Beardmore's article - I'll have to find my copy!). Also it's appearance in the Jan '95 issue of CC was in the foreground, the Husky in the background was actually the V8 version that was bought from Dave Rothwell by....Chris Hay - yes, the builder of the original van for sale here. In the Jan '95 feature the Husky is running the Cossie lump and rolling on a very fashionable set of 15" and 16" three-spokes. The car was beige and wore 'Straight Paint' (Rothwell's company) graphics.

rmad United Kingdom

05/05/2009 18:07:48 #


It's definitely one of the defining cars of UK hot rodding. Nice to see it making good money.

stealthstylz United Kingdom

05/05/2009 20:24:48 #


They're both for sale! I've just got the latest CC through the door and the Rothwell/Hay Husky (that's the V8 one - the Cossie one is the Hay/Rothwell Husky!)is in the classifieds. £22,500 and worth every blinkin' penny.

rmad United Kingdom

11/05/2009 08:03:05 #


I think 15 grand seems about right for the Value. £19,500 seems a bit excessive.


stealthstylz United Kingdom

10/06/2009 10:57:12 #

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Wow this orange car certainly has style Smile. I wonder who will buy it.

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18/07/2009 15:41:05 #


I am certainly not interested to buy this one, I will buy a new on if I have to!

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09/08/2009 09:12:20 #


I remember seeing this in Chris's garage in bits when he took it off the road to change the colour to green etc. Was a real nice looking motor even back then.

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Chris Hay ?
Does anyone have an e-mail contact address for him ?

I've moved around over the years up and down the country, lasr time I saw him was at Weston Super Mare in the 37 Dodge, but I've lost contact with him.
Can anyone help ?

Karl United Kingdom

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