Front Wheel Drive Drag Cars

by HoTWire 31. October 2008 04:00

For some people the very idea of Front Wheel Drive cars is anathema to all that is great about cars, to others they are the perfect solution for size and handling.  We love cars regardless of their driven wheels, what we love even more is people that take what on the surface is a 'wrong idea', and push it as far as possible.

One of those areas where people are going all out is FWD drag cars.  Traditionally the domain of rear wheel drive cars the world of front wheel drive drag racing is coming along in great leaps, huge front wheels taking advantage of the fact they don't need a good turning circle to go drag racing, Wheelie bars being retooled to hold the front to the floor during weight transfers and all manner of four pot engines being tuned till they scream.  The rules for Pro FWD where the most development seems to be are set to 4 cylinder with a maximum capacity of 2.8 litres and one turbo, this has created some wild car and engine builds.


In the same way that RWD drag technology gradually bled down, influenced and informed road going tuned cars, the same is true for FWD drag racing.  It doesn't have the glamour of wheelie popping rear wheel drive cars, but it is taking something to the extreme, and that is to be admired.  Check out the awesome looking turbos and pipe work in the photos of Brent Leivestads Pro FWD Civic which we found on the Car Domain blog.

What all drag racing entries really needs though is a video, so check this out :

More videos here :

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31/10/2008 04:43:43 #


They are getting better, but as a long time drag racer I still don't quite get why they do it. Having to make 1000bhp just to do 9 second quarters seems daft to me. Still, some great engineering going on.


stealthstylz United Kingdom

31/10/2008 06:02:06 #


I guess the answer to the first question is in the last statement Smile  

HoTWire United Kingdom

01/11/2008 21:52:23 #


The VWDRC have they're very own FWD drag racer here in the UK too...

James Hodson - newly crowned VW Pro champion in 2008 with his 10 second Mk2 VW Golf

His car makes around 420bhp at the wheels from the VAG 20v Turbo based motor and his best ET is 10.61

rainking United Kingdom

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16/02/2010 20:53:44 #


Awesome! I'd love to see them doing front wheel drive drag racing, in reverse. That would certainly be a test of skills … might create a bit of work for the mechanics, though! Can't believe they need those tires on the front when the car only has 4 cylinders and 2.8 litres.

Mechanic Australia

16/02/2010 21:09:55 #

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Yeah, that's right … if you push it to the limits, anything can be very cool. I never thought I'd enjoy seeing big transport trucks racing (without trailers, of course), until I did. If every race in the world was the same, it would be awfully boring…

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04/04/2010 17:49:37 #

Jack Thornleigh

Hahaa! Don't know if it really qualifies, but in my younger and crazier days we used to just put front wheel drive cars in reverse, and then try to do all the things that rear-wheel drive cars could. So it isn't the first time that front-wheel drive cars have been drag-raced. Those big tires on the front certainly make you blink, though!

Jack Thornleigh Australia

12/04/2010 23:26:18 #


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13/04/2010 01:30:44 #


Their cars are so much powerful indeed. I wonder how they made it for good that it allow much energy and fuels on it to work.

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