HSCC Superprix and Buysellcortina meet

by HoTWire 7. July 2010 22:29

Attentive readers may have noticed a sparcity of updates, this is due to a number of reasons but it is mainly because we're really really busy this summer, mostly with stuff for the Retro Rides Gathering.  However we are still able to find time to get out and enjoy the summer shows and events, this weekend just gone we got to two very different events, grabbed some photos and bought them back for you.

Firstly we've got the annual Superprix at Brands Hatch organised by the HSCC, this year celebrated 50 years of the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit.  The weather was fantastic, with the racing being close and exciting it was a great way to spend a weekend, although the cost of entry was a bit steep at £21 a day!  The event also clashed with the Goodwood Festival Of Speed, which could well have impacted the number of attendees.

Check out our gallery from the Saturday of the event here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/retroscenemag/sets/72157624301054515/

From classic Formula 1 cars being raced by millionaires to a local car park meet of more modest proportions.  The BuySellCortina forum has regular meetings and we found our way along to one on Sunday and picked out a couple of favourites.  This is car enthusiasts doing what they do best, meeting up, relaxing and shooting the breeze.

For some pictures of the stand out cars check our gallery : http://www.flickr.com/photos/retroscenemag/sets/72157624292000680/

Don't forget folks that the up coming Retro Show at Santa Pod is next weekend with ticket sales finishing tomorrow, RSM will be there to take some photos and share them with ya'll when we return.

Once the insanity of our summer subsides we hope to return to our regular schedule of updates and interesting features.  If you fancy helping with this, we are always happy to have submissions.

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