JCCS 2009

by rmad 6. October 2009 02:44

A few years ago the Japanese Classic Car Show had that 'local' look to it, which is no bad thing but as the years progress, the standard gets higher and higher and the rides keep getting better and better. The shots I've found this year are all saying the same thing - this show has grown to become THE place to see cool J tin. A few years ago would you have thought to go anywhere other than Japan to see the sort of cars we're seeing now at JCCS? I'll answer that for you: No.

JCCS 2009 took place last weekend (October 3rd) and the pictures and reports are coming in:

As ever, the guys at Japanese Nostalgic Car are on the button with part one of their report, part two following shortly, hopefully. 

Our next port of call has to be Flickr, where the sets are pleasingly common:







Obviously those guys have an advantage over me in that they actually went, rather than viewed from the other side of the world. But just before I leave you to go and check 'em out yourself, I'm going to post a few of the faves that I found;


Hopefully one day, I'll be there taking shots myself.

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06/10/2009 08:13:45 #


Hi RSMers...I just stumbled across Mike Garrett's excellent reports on Speedhunters too:


06/10/2009 13:54:01 #


Thanks for the links
Good stuff!

DrHovno United States

07/10/2009 07:44:51 #

Oh my....I  really wish i would've been there

United States

22/10/2009 15:11:53 #


Here's my own set. The first one I attended was the 2nd one. I've been an addict ever since. Smile


SVT2888 United States

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