Lowrider shoes

by HoTWire 2. December 2008 23:55

We've mentioned before our love of shoes and our obvious love of all things lowrider, so we're always pleased when our interests collide.  With it coming up to Christmas we've come over all capitalist consumers and gone on the hunt for suitable footwear.

First up we've got C1rca's range of Low Rider shoes.  Part of their al50 range you've got a choice of two, firstly black with lowrider details :

C1rca also have a range of accessories with suitable lowrider detail on them as well.

Next up we have the aptly named Lowrider shoes, instead of having cars and wotnot printed on them they have lowrider style graphics and artwork.  The best selection we've found is at Sears or you can try ebay as they come up occasionally.

Of course if you are feeling creative, get yourself some plain white shoes and get going with your own custom art work.  Custom gasser shoes anyone?

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03/12/2008 05:34:26 #


On the sears website, does the price each literally mean thats for one shoe, or is it price per pair.


stealthstylz United Kingdom

09/12/2008 02:22:03 #

Nick Horne

Oh no, not more shoes that I can't afford and yet have to have. Damn you Retro Rides, damn you to hell!


Nick Horne United Kingdom

14/01/2009 22:28:27 #

Jane Church

I was just thinking about Lowrider shoes and you’ve really helped out. Thanks!

Jane Church United States

13/07/2009 23:22:33 #

DC Shoes


I liked all the shoes , the design and quality is excellent it seems....

DC Shoes United States

02/03/2010 14:26:49 #

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The one with black in color looks really awesome , i will surely buy them , oh i just remembered my brother birthday is coming this could be an awesome present for him . thank you keep up the good work.

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08/04/2010 09:21:11 #

Loving Lelli Kellys

There's lots of super kid's shoes around at the moment, designers appear to have suddenly had a creative vein. I am particularly loving Italian Lelli Kellys.

Loving Lelli Kellys United Kingdom

13/04/2010 01:11:32 #


Those are well design shoes. I loved to wear them and for my kids. It looks classy.

ITCSales United Kingdom

16/04/2010 22:05:35 #


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09/05/2010 04:43:10 #

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15/06/2010 10:57:00 #

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