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by HoTWire 15. October 2009 06:51

Time for another RSM Linklog I believe, again we've built a mountain of cool links recently, so without further introduction we'll get into things...

The Carrera Pan America is one of the greatest motorsports events in the world.  This blog celebrates that fact along with photographs of current events from a team that put together a documentary video of 2007 event.  As it says on the blog title "An ongoing look at the people, places and machines of the worlds most demanding open road race" excellent stuff and worth checking regularly.

From road races to hot rods, such is the spread of our interest, and this time we get to go to Italy for a change to check out The Custom Sickles Diaries, a site dedicated to hot rod and custom motorbike culture, it is picture and link heavy (just how we like our foreign language sites).  This blog is the best of two worlds, firstly it picks up some excellent cars and photos from around the world, secondly it give us a glimpse into the world of Italian hot rodding.  A great double delight.

Flying out of Italy and heading to one of our favourite spots for the last few links, the land of the rising sun.  The L-power website is a bit of a motley assortment of links and pictures from the "old car" show in Japan.  A good browse around the site following links and checking out the magazine scans and show panoramas can knock out a good hour or so and find some really interesting cars.  The associated BBS has some of the panorama photos in very large formats.  Both pages are worth a bit of your time if you are feeling adventurous.

Staying with Japan, we found the following via the excellent Riverside blog.  They recently did a bit more digging around a Japanese modifying group called Liberty Walk, it seems that not only do they like to modify Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but they also do pretty good work on shakotan and bosozoku inspired cars, you can check out the Riverside entry about them here.

We'll be sticking with Liberty Walk for our youTube video, from their youTube Channel we found this rather delightful clip.



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