RSM Linklog : 200309

by HoTWire 20. March 2009 07:08
It seems about time we had another linklog, seeing as we've been plucking the finest morsels of goodness out of the teeth of the internets.

We'll start off with a story, the story of a lost car.  If we were in the plagiarising mood this would make for an excellent blog entry for us, sadly we didn't get the scoop, so rather than rehash someone else story we'll give you the link to the source.  This is the story of "Orbitron Apocalypto" a lost Roth show custom that re-emerged in Mexico, the story is VERY long, but brilliant fun, set yourself aside a goof couple of hours to read it.

Staying on the other side of the Atlantic but a bit further south we head over to the Flickr account of Fabio Davini.  In it we find some great coverage of motorsports events and individual photoshoots, a photo from which is in this blog entry.  There is much to be found from this collection of images, or if you aren't that inquisitive just sit back and enjoy.

More photos now, a little closer to home in Sweden we find Tobias Ohlander as is usual on sites in languages we can't understand, we head straight for the Galleri link in it we find individual photoshoots, as well as event coverage.  A great link to keep an eye on through the 2009 season.

AS is tradition, we'll leave you with a youtube video.  Today comes as a precursor to an entry that will be making its way onto here in the next few weeks :

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