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by HoTWire 3. August 2009 07:46

I'll admit this right now, I love the TS Cup race series.  This is probably because I own a Datsun Sunny Coupe of exactly the type used in this series, but it is also because I love people that take small engines and make them scream for their lives.

The TS Cup is a Japanese race series specifically for B310 series Nissan Sunny (to them their proper name) and Toyota Starlet KP61.  The cars are in two classes, TS-1 which is vehicles up to 1,310cc and TS-2 which is 1,310cc - 1,510cc.  Other engine modifications are free, although no forced induction allowed and injection systems must be from the period.  The transmission systems are limited to certain types for the cars, chassis modifications are pretty free, but items like suspension and steering must remain as their original type, although they may be upgraded.

Body work can be replaced with fibre glass versions, as long as the rest of the monocoque isn't altered.  Fender flares are allowed and seem to be one of the most easily identified parts of the TS Cup cars.  You can see the influence of this look in a number of street Sunnys in Japan, wide wheels and boxy fender flares.

So what does this all add up to?  Screaming engines, light weight cars, wide wheels, arch flares and close racing.  In other words, an awesome race series.  The B310s are currently dominating the series with only two Toyota KP61's in the running.  The TS-1 cars are currently faster than the larger engined TS-2 cars.

Let us get some videos of the action.



 Or from a different view point


You can follow the TS Cup races on the JCCA website.

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