Rare Car : Ford Cougar I

by HoTWire 29. May 2008 03:34

A while ago we recommended the book Cars and Stars, whilst flicking through this the other day I spotted Jack Lemmon sitting in a bright red futuristic looking Ford.  In the book there were no details of what it was.  So I did some hunting.

That hunting was pretty difficult, what with not knowing that much about American Fords, or what year the photo was taken in.  Luckily for you I'm pretty persistent, or this would be a very short entry.  The car in question is a very rare 1962 Ford Cougar I, in fact it never made it out of concept phase.

Details on the car are scant to say the least.  I tracked down this photograph of a blue version of the car :

A bit more digging revealed that it is likely to be the car used in Under The Yum Yum Tree and this still from the film put the truth to that statement :

Thanks to Internet Movie Car Database for the details and pictures of that

CoolCats.Net gave the most detail I could find about the car "This is the earliest known use of the Cougar name on a vehicle. This Cougar 406 (also known as the Cougar I) was unveiled at the 1962 Chicago Auto Show.  It had a 102" wheelbase, 406 CID power, and the gullwing doors were electric."

Does anyone know anything more?  Where do these cars live now?  There looks to have been at least two made.

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Broderick Golka

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