Show Catch Up 2: JCCS, Donny Custom and Sports Car Show

by HoTWire 23. October 2008 03:09

Continuing on the path of catching up on a couple of shows there were a couple more biggies taking place over the past few weeks.

First up is the 4th Japanese Classic Car Show in California, this has become the premier Japanese classic car show for retro car fans outside of Japan.  The quality of cars on show rivals that of the Japanese Domestic scene, and it has the backing of manufacturers now days, if only our UK branches of these companies could be so forward thinking as to show the quality and history of their brand.



A couple of Flickr links to start us off :

Then Japanese Nostalgic Car really have the event sewn up :

Check the shows sites for updates on next years event

Swinging back to the UK we find the legendary Doncaster Custom and Sports Car show.  Once upon a time it was the place that gathered the premier hot rod and custom cars together, later it got over run with more modern modified cars, now it is back to its former glory.  Ideally here I'd be able to give you a long list of galleries and flickr addresses for your perusal, sadly I only have a couple of links:

Firstly from my very own forum (Retro Rides), long term member AlistairK shares his photographs and his thoughts in an entertaining manner (this was still being added to as I was writing this) :

Akku also makes an appearance in this thread, along with some other peoples contributions :

Does anyone else have any more galleries of this event?  I'd love to see some more, RSM will have to make sure we get in gear and get to the show next year.

Thats our catching up done, I'll try and slip in a bonus post of new material tomorrow.

On that subject, if anyone fancies giving writing for RSM a go hit the contact link in the menu over there >> and send me an email.  We'd love to be able to have more updates each week.

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06/01/2009 08:43:35 #

rat rod

I love the imports almost as much as american muscle. I think there is room for it all.

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