That Ken Block gymkhana video more info.

by HoTWire 20. November 2008 05:25

Okay so this isn't strictly retro, but it is intriguing how far and fast this has spread around the internet.  In case you've not seen it you can check it out now :


What is so interesting about this is the way it has been filmed, we've seen many many highly skilled drivers put their videos on the net before, usually static in car or a handy cam film from outside.  The difference here is that this video has been filmed like an extreme sports video, like a snowboarding video for example, multiple camera angles, a stylish location, eyebrow raising tricks and a certain attitude.

Speedhunters have been doing a great range of short clips like this as well, their slo-mo videos are great, and this video of retro drag cars is just fantastic.  Spliced together into a long form video with some longer sections and you've got the equivilent of a skateboarding DVD right there.

0-60 Mag, who originated the Ken Block video, have a great background on it here (found via)

Hopefully this will be a trend and will eventually bleed further into the retro scene, there are already some great DVDs out there, but modern styling and production values could make for a kill combination or cars, audio and video.

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01/12/2008 07:40:21 #

Will Columbine

You might not be aware of this, but Ken Block is one of the founders of DC Shoes. That might explain the skateboard style video!

Will Columbine United Kingdom

01/12/2008 22:13:00 #


Ahhh I didn't know that.  I'm hoping it will encourage some more videos of this nature to start appearing.

HoTWire United Kingdom

13/12/2008 05:06:48 #

Will Columbine

Yes, lets hope so! Keep up the good work Hotwire. I love this site!

Will Columbine United Kingdom

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