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by HoTWire 7. January 2009 03:01

So here are our predictions for what is going up and what is going down this year.  Not all of these will be evident on cars out and about this year, we are also including what is getting talked about and desired on forums and blogs.  Without further ado, RSM's Predictions 2009 :

On The Up

Diamond cut wheels - As with a lot of "trends" this is one that floats in and out, sometimes we're all on for detailed wheels or painted wheels, other times we want them all shiny.  Right now we reckon shiny is winning.

Pro Touring look on smaller cars - There is no denying the great looks that large American cars get from being customised in a Pro Touring style.  Some people are already starting to scale this down to smaller European and Japanese cars.

Tuck - Inevitably every trend has a reactive trend, so it was inevitable that the desire for lots of poke (wheel outside of arch) would be reacted to with tuck.  This also ties in partly with the influence of pro touring look above.

80's accessories - Go faster stripes?  Reiger or Mattig Bodykits?  Acceptable in the 80's and it would appear in the new millennium.

Videos - The internet has got us used to getting to see pictures of cars and events the world over, now we crave video and it is starting to appear more and more.

Going down

Stretch for stretches sake - In the same way tuck was the inevitable result of poke, then when the out limits of tyre stretching start get reached then the need to prove you can fit a 145/40 on a 12 inch wide rim becomes less pressing.

Sensible exhausts - Whilst we're not at the point where we have six foot bright yellow exhausts running up and over the top of our cars bosozoku style, we are starting to see more up swept, slash cut, polished and sticky out exhausts.

Chopped springs - This is and will be a main stay of car modification the world over.  However as more and more people get experience converting obscure cars to coilovers or air bags and that experience is getting shared we are finding more people skipping the chopped spring stage of lowering.

Common engines in Hot rods - Custom Cars Magazine recently ran a whole issue of alternative engined rods and customs.  The trend seems to be a reaction to the traditional rods, if everyone is fitting period correct flat heads in their rods, then the natural thing to do is stick a twin turbo charged Nissan engine in mine... right?

Matt and Satin Paint - Probably as a result of being done to death it seems that matt and satin paint finishes, not just matt black, are giving way to really high gloss deep shine finishes and/or fully stickered/liveried cars.

Next week we'll have a deeper dive into our on the up trends during "Trend Week".  I guess we'll see how well we've done this time next year!

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10/01/2009 04:17:01 #


You forgot to mention Lambo doors! Seriously, watch this space!

Rob United Kingdom

29/06/2010 05:41:09 #

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Lots of good stuff there.It's a lot to take in.Thanks man.

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